Shows and Events

Ephemera Vintage Market, March 10-11, 2023, Palazzo Guazzoni Zaccaria, Cremona, curated by Alberto Zambelli and Roberto Parolini.


Collective exhibition ‘Genius Loci’, September 2022 / February 2023, Annovi Gallery, Sassuolo.


Arte Padova, November 2021, Stand 222 Enrico Art Suite.


Parma Art Fair, October 2021, Stand Enrico Art Suite.


Paviart, September 25-27, 2021, Stand Enrico Art Suite.


Parma Art Fair, October 3-11, 2020, Stand Enrico Art Suite.


Art Prize 2019 – Cairo Editore. Semifinalist out of about 500 entries with the work ‘Monsterratum’, exhibited at Palazzo Reale, Milan.


Solo exhibition at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona, Sala Boxe. June 27 to July 4, 2019.


70th ‘Accolta dei Quindici’ (‘Group of the Fiftheens’), Fano, Corbelli Palace.

In November 2016 he partecipates to this very important artistic gathering into the great ambient of Corbelli Palace, Fano, with three works. A catalogue was printed for the occasion.


Onorific Mention to the 66° International Art and Sculpture ‘G. B. Salvi’ Award in Sassoferrato.

With these words: “His capability of using an articulated sign into different modalities reflects a suggestive inner dimension”. Great personalities of the culture are present to the award.


Solo show within the ‘Aria – The aware house’, by Fabio Signoretti and Cora Fattori, Fano, from September, 16th to 18 2016.


Monteciccardo Convent, ‘Art065’ collective held by Davide Leoni, August 21st – September 25th, 2016.

Four pieces of various sizes and styles, well displayed and seen also by the influent art critic and Ambassador Armando Ginesi. 


Hall of San Michele former church, Fano – ‘In Arte Veritas’ collective by Gilberto Grilli, from April 27th to May, 9th 2016.

Into the marvellous environment ot the San Michele former church in Fano, within a very important collective with names like Mario Schifano, Alberto Lanteri, Fathi Hassan, Cesare Berlingeri, Riccardo Tommasi Ferroni and many others, Omiccioli displays a tryptic of new conception.


Nurnberg City Hall, ‘Erhohungen der Oberflache’ (‘Revelations from the Surface’) solo exhibition, november 2007

In november 2007 Omiccioli exposes at the Rathaus (City Hall) of Nurnberg a series of tematic works, linked to architecture, rappresentation and power, with strong suggestions from Baselitz; the solo show is entitled ‘Revelations from the Surface’. The italian Consul, the Mayor and numerous elements of the city culture partecipate in the vernissage. We have a number of works, both canvases portraying architectures and densely abstract pens, as well as works on canvas so lyrically abstract, setting the ambivalent nature of Omiccioli’s painting, which pics free suggestions from both approaches.


Solo show ‘LD50’ at the Tullio Ghiandoni Gallery in Fano, 2006

Collaboration with Tullio Ghiandoni Gallery – ‘Reverie’ Gaston Bachelard Study Centre, in 2006. With the supervision by Catia Migliori, Omiccioli holds his first solo show in his hometown, entitled ‘LD50’. Inks and pens thicken in new symbolisms and the painting starts to find new meanings within the scansion of the canvases.

San Crispino’ 2004 Painting Contest in Porto Sant’Elpidio

Omiccioli exposes only one painting into the Contest of the ‘San Crispino’ Prize, set by Fernando Calvà. This works, entitled ‘Samotracia’ will win the Jury Prize which will allow him to partecipate in the collective ‘Maestri italiani nella Nuova Europa’ (“Italian Masters into the New Europe”)  at the Merum Gallery of Bratislava, at the presence of the President of the Slovakian Republic.


Solo exhibition at the ‘La Contea’ Gallery in Fossombrone, february 2003

With the supervision of Manuela Manuali, the first solo exhibition into the suggestive context of an ancient Palace of the Centre of the town, from 10th to 23rd february 2003. With so many works of expressionist taste, learning from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Roberto Sebastian Matta, the exhibition displays inks, pens and canvases of various sizes.