“I paint without schemes. Maybe it’s a problem. Or maybe it’s the solution.”


Michele Omiccioli is born in Fano, in 1981. Self-taught in painting, after having taken an high-school diploma at the Liceo Classico ‘G. Nolfi’ with the highest marks he graduates in Modern Philology with a thesis about the novel ‘Corporale’ by Paolo Volponi, in 2005.

First solo painting exhibition at the ‘La Contea’ Gallery in Fossombrone, then the San Crispino Prize and Contest in Porto Sant’Elpidio, which will allow him to partecipate to the “Italian Masters within the New Europe” collective, held at the Merum Gallery of Bratislava the following year at the presence, among others, of the President of the Slovakian Republic.

Meanwhile Omiccioli occasionally writes some lyric texts after collected within the anthology ‘Decadi dell’Ovest’ (‘Decades of the West’) published by Gazebo Edizioni in Florence, then edited by Mariella Bettarini and Gabriella Maleti. He becomes also collaborator of ‘Estravagario’ Cultural Association, based in Fano. The ‘Ciminiera’ review, edited by Filippo Davoli published, always the same year, his little poem ‘baracentoquattro’.

In 2006 he collaborates with Tullio Ghiandoni Gallery – ‘Reverie’ Gaston Bachelard Study Centre, with the supervision of Catia Migliori, at his first solo show in his hometown, entitled ‘LD50’.

It’s time now for an important experience abroad. In November 2007 he exposes at the Rathaus (City Hall) of Nurnberg a series of tematic works, linked to architecture, rappresentation and power, with strong suggestions from Baselitz. The solo show is entitled ‘Revelations from the Surface’. The italian Consul, the Mayor and numerous elements of the city culture partecipate at the vernissage.

In 2007 he approaches oriental disciplines; a meaningful experience that will bring him in contact with new themes and styles, a new approach.

In 2013, after some years of pause and various events, he resumes painting.

In 2007 Omiccioli approaches oriental disciplines, a meaningful experience for new stimula and pictoric themes, leading him to create the so called ‘Cryptographies’ series. In 2016, after years of research, he’s invited with three pieces to the collective ‘In Arte Veritas’ by the critic and painter Gilberto Grilli into the Sala of the San Michele ex-church in Fano, from May, 27th to 9th of the same year.

In August and September 2016 he’s hosted within the third Collective held into the small but well-known convent in Monteciccardo by ‘Art065’ Association presided by Davide Leoni; Armando Ginesi, very important art critic will be present there, ande there will appreciate Omiccioli’s works.

From September, 16th to 18th 2016, he partecipates with the fanese artist Vito Nucci to the first show linked to the sustainable architecture ‘Aria – The aware house’, three days in Fano under the supervision of Fabio Signoretti and Cora Fattori. Great public and great approval by the audience.

In October and November he’s awarded with the Onorific Mention to the 66° International Art and Sculpture ‘G. B. Salvi’ Award in Sassoferrato, with these words: “His capability of using an articulated sign into different modalities reflects a suggestive inner dimension”.

In November 2016 he partecipates to the 70th ‘Accolta dei Quindici’ (‘Group of the Fiftheens’), a very important artistic gathering into the great ambient of Corbelli Palace, Fano, with three works. A catalogue was printed for the occasion.